Children (K-7)

About our Faith Formation Programs

All Catholics have a right to be educated about their faith. Be My Disciples and Finding God are our two staple of Faith Formation programs designed to help your family grow together in love and understanding of God. Be My Disciples is a program for busy families who want to explore their faith in their own homes on their own schedules. Finding God is a more traditional program for families seeking a faith community of peers for their children. Both programs include opportunities to encounter Christ at home and together in community.

  • Be My Disciples
  • A Special Note on 8th Grade


Be My Disciples

Weekly sessions for children in grades K-8, taught in your own home during the school year, with occasional family gatherings at St. Patrick’s Hall. Registration is required.

This Faith Formation program is designed to work around your busy schedule. Using Be My Disciples, parents teach all of their children together a lesson based on a different theme each week. (The companion series, Stories of God’s Love, is for children in kindergarten.) Each child uses their own grade level copy of the workbooks, containing age-appropriate material and activities related to the weekly theme. The Parent Guide ties it all together for you. Support and community with other families in the program is provided through four Family Gatherings hosted at St. Patrick’s throughout the year. Additional resources are offered through newsletters, email, and on Facebook to supplement the program. Through this program, we help parents give their children the gift of a well-grounded faith in the midst of their daily lives.

Program Components:

  • Weekly Mass attendance
  • Weekly classes taught at home
  • Weekly class attendance is tracked through online chapter review quizzes
  • 6 hours of supplemental activities, provided throughout the year

More Information:


A Special Note on 8th Grade

8th graders are eligible to begin the two-year preparation for Confirmation. This is a separate program from Faith Formation. Parents should register their 8th grade teens either for Confirmation or for Faith Formation, not for both. If you wish to wait to seek Confirmation for your teens at a later time for any reason, please register only for Faith Formation.

If your 8th grader has already been confirmed through RCIA, you have two choices. You may register your teen for At Home Faith Formation program. If you or your teen would prefer to have a faith learning community of peers, you may register your teen to join the Confirmation classes without seeking to repeat the sacrament itself. Confirmed teens will attend weekly classes, and will also be welcome at service events and retreats.

Find out more information about our Confirmation program by clicking here.