Why Serve?

When the Church comes together in the liturgical assembly to celebrate the Mass, we gather in a variety of ministries and roles. Through Baptism we have been given a share in the priesthood of Christ. In fact, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council tells us that participation in the liturgy is the right and duty of all the baptized.  Whether you bring up the gifts at the Presentation, read the Word of God, assist with the distribution of Communion, serve at the altar, provide music, or greet your neighbors, you are contributing to the worship of the community.

The liturgy, then, is about the action of God’s own people, each with different offices and roles. Each office and role is one of service, and reflects Christ who washed the feet of his disciples and instructed his followers to imitate his example.

-Based on Roman Missal Formational Materials provided by the Secretariat for the Liturgy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB); www.usccb.org,  2010

Ways to Serve:

  • Lector – read scripture and prayer petitions at Mass
  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion – share the Eucharist, clean vessels after Mass
  • Altar Server – help with setup before Mass and assist the priest in the sanctuary
  • Usher/Greeter – welcome parishioners, help seat people, collect the offering
  • Music Ministry – pianist/organist, cantor, choirs (youth & adult)

Get Involved!

If you find one of these ministries a meaningful expression of your faith, please contact the parish office (315-538-8242 or by email) or speak with our priest or a staff member after one of the weekend liturgies.

We have training sessions once or twice a year for new ministers.  We are always in need of more ministers and we welcome your service to our community.

View the current Liturgical Minister Schedule here.