Homebound, Sick, & Communion Visits

Pastoral Visits are to hospitalized and shut-in parishioners on a regular basis.


To provide:

  • A face-to-face visit and a link between the shut-in person and the parish.
  • Support to the person in a loving, caring manner.
  • Spiritual direction, Holy Communion and the Gospel message while visiting the sick.


  • To parishioners in hospital or therapy: a minimum of one visit.
  • To parishioners that are homebound: a minimum of one visit per month.

Basic Content of Visit

  • Highlights of the parish would be shared using the parish bulletin and “Living Faith” booklet as a source of material.
  • Each visit would include/conclude with a simple prayer together along with reception of Holy Communion.
  • A fixed date and time are recommended if possible.


Must belong to the parish and be in hospital a care facility or at home where they are residing alone.  Note: if the shut-in is at a location greater than 20 miles from the parish, special consideration may be required.


Please call the parish at (315) 538-8242 if you need to be visited to receive pastoral care and/or communion.