Stephen Ministry

What is it?

  • it’s a ministry by trained, caring parishioners.
  • it’s a commitment to welcoming, caring and supporting one another, to build a Christ-centered sharing community.
  • it’s a helping Christian relationship focusing on the unique needs of each person.

Who is a Stephen Minister?

A lay person, who, through training, will learn skills and develop gifts for bringing Christian support, spiritually, emotionally or socially to people in the community.

What kinds of needs can the Stephen Minister address?

  • People who are experiencing a need for someone to listen.
  • People who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • People who are in recovery.
  • People who are lonely.
  • People who are experiencing family difficulties.
  • People who are depressed
  • People who are struggling with their faith in God.

How does Stephen Ministry work?

The Stephen Minister will work in continual supervision with the Stephen Ministry leaders and parish staff, receiving an ongoing education in helping ministry.

What Stephen Ministers are not…

  • They are not professional counselors or psychologists, but are caring ministers.
  • They are living Christ’s call to use their gifts in service of His church.
  • They are not problem solvers, but are trained listeners and faith sharers.
  • They are not alone in their ministry, but have the support and supervision of the Stephen Ministry staff and national organization.

Contact Persons:

Georgianna Rice: 926-5115

Office: 538-8242