Becoming Catholic (R.C.I.A.)

RCIA refers to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (and children age 7-17). It is the journey or process that leads to full initiation into the Catholic Church. This journey consists of the opportunity to learn about the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church by participating in a group that explores faith and scripture together. Welcomed and nourished by the parish faith community and the Catholic Church, when ready you receive the grace of the sacraments of Baptism (if never baptized), Eucharist, and Confirmation.

It is never too late to begin preparing to receive the Sacraments and to find your spiritual home. A parish team will work with you year-round, in a group and individually, and welcomes all inquiries! You may inquire about RCIA at any time during the year. Contact the parish office for more information.

Most importantly, attend weekly Mass, take it all in, and get to know the faith community.