First Eucharist

1st Eucharist is celebrated annually during the Easter season

First Eucharist is the celebration of the amazing gift of the body and blood of Jesus first offered by Jesus at the Last Supper. Through this gift we are able to increase our spiritual growth and strength to do the work of Jesus on a daily basis in this world. We invite children who are at least seven years of age and have completed at least one year of Faith Formation to begin the formal process of First Eucharist Preparation. The children must also have completed First Reconciliation before First Eucharist Preparation.

Learning together about the theology of the Eucharist, incorporating prayer into your family life and expressing what going to Mass means to you as individuals and as a family is all part of our formation process for First Eucharist. This immediate formation assists the children to be ready to celebrate First Eucharist. Parents and their children journey together, sharing faith and learning more about Eucharist. The preparation both at home and here in our parish church includes the whole family. We look forward to working with you and your child in their ongoing life-long learning and development as full, active Catholics.

The minimum and ordinary age of preparation and reception of First Eucharist is seven (7) years old/second grade. To register, your child must have completed at least one full year of a structured Faith Formation learning experience (or attended Catholic school) prior to beginning First Eucharist preparation.

Registration for children/parents typically occurs in the fall for insturction during the winter/spring. To register or seek further information, please contact the parish office.

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